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On 2020 Apr 08 UT, the 28 km diameter asteroid (862) Franzia will occult a 9.5 mag star in the constellation Taurus for observers along a path across SW USA, Mexico.

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Brightest asteroidal event of April for Phoenix/Tucson areas Tues. evening, Apr. 7

On Tuesday evening, Apr. 7, at 11:00pm MST, we will have the brightest asteroidal occultation predicted to cross Phoenix and Tucson during the month, a 9.5-mag. star in northeast Taurus that will be occulted by the approximately 20-mile-wide asteroid (862) Franzia. For Phoenix, the expected path is over the western and southernmost suburbs, but with very possible errors, the whole city could have an occultation. Similarly for Tucson, just the northern and eastern suburbs are in the predicted path, but the path could shift south so the whole city has a reasonable chance for an event. The occultation should last for just over a second with a strong 6-magnitude drop; the star will just appear to blink out briefly for those in the path. Observers in both metro areas are encouraged to try to observe the occultation. If you have a 4-inch or larger telescope, you are strongly encouraged to try to observe this occultation. The star, TYC 1867-02787-1, is at J2000 R.A. 05h 59m 35.4s, Dec. +25° 33ʹ 11.2ʺ, about 2/5ths of the way from mu Geminorum (Tejat) and beta Tauri (El Nath), and only 0.6 deg. southeast of 4.8-mag. 139 Tauri. Finder charts of different scales and other event details are at . Although the star's Gaia magnitude is 9.5, according to AAVSO's well-regarded APASS catalog, the Johnson V mag. is 10.6 and is apparently a very red star, so it might be variable. The weather forecast is good for it.


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