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The weather's looking good enough for this bright, high-rank occultation in n.e. Texas, & cen. Tenn. to n. New York. Six observers are signed up with OW in the northern half of the path, but nobody in the s. half, so we need observations there; we may try it from far w. MD and s.w. PA. The star is SAO 186109 = TYC 6854-02821-1, mag. 9.1, spectral type A0. It is 1.8 deg. n.w. of 3.0-mag. gamma2 Sagittarii (Alnasl), the star at the tip of the spout of the Teapot, at J2000 RA 18h 01m 29.7s, Dec -28 deg. 47í 12Ē. For this bright event, the satellite search area includes most of the USA (only not the Northwest & Hawaii) and all of Mexico. The path crosses n. VT and n. NY, and on across cen. PA to sw OH/nw WV at 7:11 UT (3:11am EDT); over e. KY & cen. Tenn. at 7:12 UT; & over s. Ark., n.w. Louisiana, & e. Texas at 7:13 UT (2:13am CDT). A path map, and finder charts of different scales to locate the target star, are on Steve Prestonís page for the event at http://www.asteroidoccultation.com/2020_06/0621_110_65236.htm . Please let me or Occult Watcher know if you can try to observe this; donít want to duplicate your line.


9.1-mag. (110) Lydia occ’n tonight, Texas to n. N.Y.; sat. event possible most of USA, Mex.
If there is a satellite orbiting this asteroid, an occultation by it would likely be somewhere between the gray lines
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