Finder Charts for the Flammario occultation Oct 22nd 2021
Occultation by (1021) Flammario
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The first Flammario Pre-point chart (5-0) shows a chance to use Venus. Venus is about 3/4 deg. south of the pre-point line at 1:03 UT as seen from Kingman, AZ. The Sun will be only about 2 deg. down then, so probably too bright to see Venus, but a few minutes later, it might be seen, for a very rough pre-pointing. Then, at 1:29 UT, the pointing can be refined with 3.2-mag. theta Ophiuchi, less than half a deg. north of the pre-point line; the Sun will be 8 deg. down then, so fainter stars may be visible with the main scope, for accurate pre-pointing. Even if not, the scope could be pre-pointed with theta, and refined a few minutes later, when the fainter stars should appear. But as the NWS forecast shows, there's some risk of clouds, and even thin ones could make pre-pointing difficult.