If you observe the occultation, please report it to us; we’ll help you with that. We want you to let us know, even if the star does not wink out at your location (that is, you have a miss, or a “negative” observation). We want to know basically where you were; the times of the disappearance and reappearance (or at least the timed or estimated duration) of the occultation, if one occurred at your location; and how you observed and timed the occultation. You can just report this in an email message to me, dunham at starpower dot net, but it would help if you could partially complete an IOTA report and send to me. The IOTA Web site, under the observing tab, has a section for reporting observations at http://occultations.org/observing/reporting-observations/ with the link for asteroidal events at http://www.asteroidoccultation.com/observations/Forms/AsteroidReportForms.html . Don't worry about the complexities; we'll help you with reporting. IOTA's free OccultWatcher (OW) software, http://www.occultwatcher.net/, can be used to find predicted occultations for your location, and coordinate observations. But more importantly, if you sign up for an event with OW and make an observation, you can make a quick report of it to OW, and OW will then generate the IOTA Excel report file, pre-filled with the event information (date, star and asteroid ID, and your permanent information), and then will remind you to complete the report and where to send it (to reports@asteroidoccultation.com).

David Dunham