International Occultation Timing Association
Lunar Occultations of LB-1 (= X198794) in 2019 and 2020
World maps below text
Lunar occultations of LB-1 - next on Dec. 13, 4h UT in s.e. USA

Occultation observers have not thought much about 11.4-mag. X198794, only about 8' from
6.4-mag. 6 Geminorum and 0.8 deg. from 3rd-mag. eta Geminorum (Propus) before now.
But recently, Chinese astronomers have claimed that LB-1 is orbiting an incredibly
massive black hole, some 70 times the solar mass, and LB-1 is this star, also known
as UCAC2 39817449 at J2000 RA 06h 11m 49.08s, Dec +22 deg. 49' 32.7". The object is
currently undergoing a series of lunar occultations that I have computed with Occult 4.
Steve Messner has posted the maps of the regions of visibility of the occultations
at and I list the remaining events
in the series below:

2019 Dec. 13, 4h UT: Moon almost full, waning
Mexico, s.e. USA, Central America, Caribbean
N. limit central Texas, New England, s. Iberia
S. limit Panama, n. Venezuela

2020 Jan. 9, 14h UT: Moon almost full, waxing
s.e. Asia, China, s.&central Japan, n.&central Philippines, Hawaii? (low)
N. limit w. & n. China, N. Korea, n. Japan
S. limit Sumatra, s. Philippines

2020 Feb. 6, 0h UT: Moon gibbuous, waxing
n.e. USA, Iberia, Canary Is., n.w. Arica
in daylight, Mexico, Caribbean
N. limit New York, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, n. Iberia, n. Egypt
S. limit n.e. Venezuela, s.w. coast of n.w. Africa

2020 Mar. 4, 10h UT: Moon near first quarter, slightly gibbuous
Japan (dusk), Hawaii
in daylight, India, China
N. limit s.e. Siberia (Kamchatka), Aleutians
S. limit west-central Pacific Ocean

2020 Mar. 31, 17h UT: Moon near first quarter, fat crescent
n. central Europe, w. & central Russia, n.w. India (low);
in daylight, n.e. N. America, UK, n.w. Europe
N. limit Arctic, n. central Siberia
S. limit n. Italy (twilight), Armenia, Afghanistan, s. Pakistan

2020 Apr. 27, 23h UT: Moon thin waxing crescent
Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, UK, Scandinavia (low);
in daylight, Alaska, n. Canada
N. limit (none, above N. Pole)
S. limit n. Atlantic, near Azores

2020 May 25, 4h UT: Almost new moon, very thin waxing crescent
s.e. Alaska, n. Canada
in daylight, n. Scandinavia, w. Russia, n. Siberia, most of Alaska
N. limit (none, above N. Pole)
S. limit near Seattle (low); daylight w. & n. Siberia, s.w. Alaska

2020 June 21, 11h UT: New moon, no night visibility
in daylight, n.&e. Canada, n.e. USA, Greenland, Svalbard, Siberia
N. limit (none, above N. Pole)
S. limit daylight New England, Canadian Atlantic Provinces, n. Norway, Chita

2020 July 18, 11h UT: Near new moon, very thin waning crescent
n.w. & s. cen. Siberia (low, in bright dawn twilight)
in daylight, n. & e. Siberia, Greenland
N. limit (none, above N. Pole)
S. limit daylight Sakhalin, Kamchatka, n. Alaska, n. Canada

2020 Aug. 15, 5h UT: Moon thin waning crescent
n. Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard (low, in bright dawn)
in daylight, n.e. Siberia, n. Alaska
N. limit (none, above N. Pole)
S. limit daylight Iceland, Svalbard, n.e. Siberia

2020 Sep. 11, 14h UT, Moon fat waning crescent
Part of Arctic Ocean (last occultation of the series)