Some finder charts for the Sept. 15 Camelia occultation
I need to make a more zoomed in view showing the target star, 7.2-mag. SAO75054 = TYC 1757-01963-1, resolved from 4th-mag. lambda Arietis.
We recorded the field with a 12cm maxi system. Using the Runcam, the target could be seen on the left side of lambda, distinct but not with sky separation between them, with gain = 8, NS = 1, and brightness = 48. We obtained a similar view with a WAT 910HX without any integration. With the Runcam, we got better separation by not using a focal reducer, with some black sky between the target and lambda, but the smaller FOV makes pre-pointing harder. For attended stations, the target is easy to find from Hamal. But even if the target is not resolved from lambda with the larger focal-reduced FOV, there will be a 0.095 mag. drop when the target star disappears. But to the eye, I'm pretty sure the events of the bump on the side of lambda will be obvious when the video is played, and the event times should at least be determinable by single-framing the video. Our plan will be to use a maxi with a focal reducer at our station in the 1-sigma zone, then use our 10-in. suitcase scope at the next station, and a maxi without a focal reducer at our attended station closest to center.