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Finder/Prepoint Charts

(below) Finder chart suitable for finder scopes; on it, only the faint stars to the left of the target, and the one to the right of it, are shown on the detailed RECON chart produced with Guide 9, a direct view of which is 2014-QY441_Annot.jpg (above).
The finder chart has the zenith up, while 2014-QY411_Annot.jpg is the opposite, with the zenith down. 4.1-mag. upsilon Tauri provides a pre-point opportunity 39 min. 50 sec. before you want to start recording for the occultation, in case you want to try that to get on the target. At that time, point your telescope 8.5 arc minutes south of upsilon Tauri, then turn off all tracking on your telescope, and resume tracking after 39 min. 50 sec.; then the target star should be in the center of the FOV. A finder-scope view of the pre-point opportunity is shown in 4prepoint.jpg; as you see, upsilon is one of the brighter stars in a group of stars a few deg. above and to the right (north) of Ain (epsilon Tauri), the upper right star, opposite Aldebaran, of the distinctive Hyades “V”. A zoomed-in view of the pre-point is in 8prepoint.jpg where the rectangle is the size of the Mallincam FOV used by RECON observers; at the time specified above, place upsilon in the upper right corner of your FOV, as shown (remember that zenith is up; if you’re oriented with zenith down, then upsilon should be in the lower left corner of your FOV). Upsilon is the star in the upper right corner of the rectangle FOV shown; the bright star above it is 5.5-mag. 72 Tauri, while the two bright stars to the lower left (south) on the chart are 4.1 and 5.1-mag. kappa1 and kappa2 Tauri.

Image of field above
"The occultation by this approximately 300 km TNO may occur anywhere in western N. America and Hawaii just after 9h UT of Jan. 23. The predicted path passes over s. Alaska, s.w. Canada, and Montana to Virginia (but getting too low on the East Coast; also, very cloudy there). But it's only rank 3; the 1-sigma s. limit is near the equator. The RECON page for the event is at but they don't include some useful graphics (all of their star charts are reversed); direct ones, and useful maps, are now at . The event is in a personal feed (by Tony George) on OW.

2014 QY441 occults UCAC4 564-013717 1/23/2019UT