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Cloud cover predictions toward bottom of page, updated 12/27 4PM CST
On 2019 Dec 29 UT, the 36.3 km diameter asteroid (11351) Leucus will occult a
10.9 mag star in the constellation Pisces for observers along a path across USA.

Attached are a series of finder charts for the Dec. 28/29 Leucus occultation field, in a large Power Point file, and also a smaller .pdf version of them; please post when you can. Also attached are some cloudcover forecast maps based on European (EU = ECMWF) and US (GFS) models from earlier today; they showed that tonight was hopeless, but there may be enough breaks in the clouds to do some work during the practice tomorrow (Dec. 27th) evening. And although it looks pretty good for the occultation in the Phoenix area, it looks like it will be clearing out from the west just before the occultation, so sites on the west side of Phoenix may be better than on the east side. I was hoping to observe myself from Fountain Hills, and some sites along the road north to Rio Verde, but if necessary, we’ll observe instead from sites along North Sun Valley Parkway north of Buckeye. I notice some detailed track maps now at
and would be interested in which of those lines (AND their distances from the predicted “Dec. 23” center) might be occupied with the SwRI scopes, so I can compare with the existing coverage by IOTA observers using their own equipment (there is no change to the list of them from 2 nights ago, version 4), and decide where best to place my last few stations on event night. For that, I’ll be preparing some pre-point charts that might be useful to post, in case anyone has a compute failure with their telescope GoTo system (hand paddle), they could then manually move the scope to the pre-point line at the right time, then they won’t have to track from there through the event (not desirable since the target will be in the FOV for only a minute or less, but that’s better than not getting the event at all).

PowerPoint file
PDF file