International Occultation Timing Association
Occultation by 3548 Eurybates
Oct. 20th 2021

13,5-mag. star, CA, NV, AZ, UT, NM, TX

In OW, we should promote the event to a campaign event, because SwRI is organizing a major effort for the occultation, and several IOTA observers are already participating in that. I attach the Occult map for the event generated from your occelmnt file. We wonít be using OW for coordinating the observations, but instead will be using the parallel tracks set up with the special Google map for the event that Marc Buie has set up at . There are 37 tracks, all of which have already been assigned, so some intermediate tracks halfway between these are starting to be assigned. At least two IOTA observers have signed up with OW, but they will be left out of the overall planning; we want to bring them into it. The OW path is a few tracks offset south from the SwRI central line. A problem with the SwRI map is that it doesnít give the time along the path. Therefore, itís useful, especially for observers in places like northern California, to have the IOTA Occult map and path data posted, to determine the central time for their site.

There is also much general information, including finder charts, set up for RECON observers at

Time and local circumstance in bold are for Las Vegas
Southwest Research Institute link to this event
Research and Education Collaborative Occultation Network link to this event
(Ground path maps)
Link to individual SwRI track Google Earth .kml files
The apparent magnitude drop that we’ll be able to detect